Why invest in Uganda

Uganda aims to grow installed capacity from 868MW to 4100MW, 2002 km of transmission lines and 100% of household electrification as part of a USD92 billion of projects – all by 2030.

Government is set to construct a total of 2002km of transmission lines by 2025

Grid expansion set at1.42 million new rural connections by 2030 to connect 570 000 rural households - a USD 6.2 billion project.

Uganda has commissioned a 10MW solar power plant, the largest in East Africa

Uganda has a strong focus on renewable energy going forward with renewable energy share goals of 96% by 2030 and 100% by 2050

From 2011 – 2015 USD 274.96 million was invested in clean energy in Uganda

Current installed capacity of electricity in Uganda amounts to 868.9MW, with ±710MW effective generation. Current generation is comprised of 645MW from hydro and 101.5MW from thermal

Uganda is targeting a combination of on-grid and off-grid power generation through 2030 with a projected  connected 11,097GWh to 14,080GWh and an off-grid projection of 233GWh to 267GWh

Three main large hydropower sites are planned for Uganda, with the first expected in 2018. Get the full view here

Uganda’s solar PV market is rapidly growing with government incentives such as tax breaks and consumer subsidies aimed at attractive private sector investment

Uganda has an estimated geothermal resource potential of 450MW

In order to fill in the gap beyond 2029, Uganda will need to continue to plan on-grid and off-grid projects aimed at increasing generation capacity beyond 2022

IPPs account for 58% of generation capacity which is set to grow as a number of Renewable Energy projects develop

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