Hydroplan UK

What does Hydroplan UK do?

Hydroplan UK is a leading hydropower consultancy specialising in the design, construction and project management of small to medium sized hydropower projects in the UK and internationally. 

Since being formed in 1990, Hydroplan has undertaken over 750 assignments ranging from modifications to existing schemes to the full implementation of new hydro schemes.

Hydroplan has a multi-disciplined and international team of engineers and designers complemented by experts with diverse specialist skills and experience.

At Hydroplan, we understand that time, and quality are a key component of the services we offer.  

Our services include:

  • Feasibility: resource assessment, AAEP & economic analysis, environmental mapping, scheme optimisation
  • Environmental & Survey: hydrology, flow gauging, topographic & geological surveys, environmental scoping and ecological surveys, fish pass & screen design
  • Finance/Contracts: financial modelling, negotiation, contract preparation 
  • In-house Design: Civil & Structural, HV & Control specification, surge analysis, flood studies
  • Project Management & Commissioning: construction management, site supervision and contractor liaison, financial control
  • Due Diligence: Funder’s Technical advisor, project valuation, dispute resolution
  • Operation & Maintenance: operational management, performance testing, monitoring, environment & regulatory compliance

Hydroplan UK Representatives at Future Energy Uganda

Harry Driscoll is the Environmental and Planning Manager and is responsible for initial site assessment and feasibility work, through to planning and environmental licence applications. Harry is also part of the Due Diligence team, working for banks and private clients to review technical aspects of schemes and also act as independent advisor during the construction phase. He has been involved in over 150 different projects since joining the company, has fully consented over 70 small hydro schemes and has worked on more than 10 due diligence jobs.

Also, an Associate Director of Hydroplan UK, Harry is involved with handling new enquiries and more recently Harry has taken responsibility for business development.

Kieron Hanson is a hydraulic/mechanical engineer with over 30 years of hydro experience and the early part of his career was spent as a turbine designer.

He is the Founder and Managing Director of Hydroplan UK, which is a leading UK hydropower consultancy specialising in the consenting, design and construction of small to medium sized hydro projects.

Kieron Hanson oversees and advises on technical aspects of the Mechanical and hydraulic design as well as construction and project management of hydro projects.

A former chairman and CEO of the British Hydropower Association (BHA), Kieron has been a key member of the BHA for over 20 years.

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