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What does Netral Elektrik San Tic Ltd do?

Since foundation in 1998 until present, Netral is activating in the energy sector with progressive company’s structure, continuously paying attention to improvement. Management approach has been focused on success, principle of transparency and control of service admissibility, and always aims to excellence of process, with one hundred percent of customer satisfaction.  

Acting with awareness of imposed responsibilities, Netral Elektrik has brought the cooperation to the foreground.

The main scope of our manufacturing is the following:

  • LV Electrical Panels
  • MV Transformer Substations
  • Diesel Generator Sets

Besides we can supply other equipment related to our manufacturing units as per your Project.

We closely cooperate with ABB, Schneider, Legrand, Turkish manufacturers and etc, so you are free to choose the components as per your project request and we can elaborate for you a price friendly offer at highest quality

More about Netral Elektrik San Tic Ltd products

Diesel Generator Sets 22kVa - 2500 kVa






MITSUBISHI ISO 8528 Medium/high voltage alternator Convenience of transportation Weather and sound proof

ISO 3046 Remote radiator cooling system Excellent sound isolation Electrostatic powder coating
DOOSAN BS 5514 Over-sized fuel tank, automatic
re-fueling kit
LOVOL DIN 6271 Space heaters Lifting lugs
CUMMINS Permanent magnet generator with dedicated AVR for the alternator Exhaust silencer


Synchronization system Emergency stop button

IEC 60034-1

Output circuit breaker Improved ventlation system

CEI EN 60034-1

Automatic transfer switch panel Rain cap in exhaust silencer outlet

BS 4999-5000

Weather and soundproof canopy Radiator filling cap

VDE 0530


NF 51-100,111

OVE M-10

NEMA MG 1.22

Metal sheet MV Transformer substations


  • When compared with concrete kiosks – the systems being lighter  provide easiness for transportation and mounting
  • Can be designed according to SPECIAL customer’s projects
  • Isolation can be provided according to customer’s needs
  • Large dimensional units can be mounted thanks to modular construction principle and prefabricate feature


  • Controlled heating thermostat system 220 V AC is placed into each cell
  • Illumination system 220 V is available in cell unit and control unit
  • Ventilation shutters provide proper air supply of the system
  • Mobile substations can be manufactured by using guideways and trailers

LV Electrical panels

  • Outdoor and Indoor type - Standing electrical panels
  • Wall mounted electrical panels
  • Operating desks
  • Main distribution boards (from 200A to 6300A and form-1 to form-4b)
  • Motor control panels (for all motor power form-1 to form 4b)
  • Capacitor bank panels (with harmonic filter and shelf system design)

The way we are working is based on the customer projects and specifications, as far we are supplying our units all over the World.

For any unit, I kindly request you to send me the specifications and drawings for an adequate offer to 

Will be happy to assist you to choose the best model for the best price.

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