THE CLARKE ENERGY INTERVIEW: "When we saw Future Energy was coming to Uganda we were keen to participate in exploring the market further"

1)         Can you tell us more about Clarke Energy and the interests of the company in Uganda specifically and East Africa in general?
Clarke Energy, a Kohler company, is a specialist in the engineering installation and maintenance of gas fuelled power plants. These facilities can operate using a range of different gases of which biogas, sewage gas and natural gas have potential in Uganda.

2)         Any specific projects in Uganda that you are particularly excited about?
We are encouraged by the discovery of natural gas reserves in Uganda. These could be harnessed to provide a domestic source of fuel for power generation. If the gas is piped to industrial areas of the country it could help to stimulate economic growth and self-sufficiency.

3)         What are the main challenges to working in this region?   
Biogas, a renewable fuel typically requires some form of feed in tariff from the government in order to stimulate this sector. The support of the government is therefore important for its success. Ensuring bankable long-term power purchase agreements from the utility for any surplus power can mean make or break for a project.

4)         What in your view are the current opportunities in the power sector?
The power generation sector is showing strong growth across the world. The market is changing with more distributed power technologies becoming prevalent, with the sector moving from a centralised to a distributed power generation model. The African continent has the chance to skip some of the less efficient power generation models and move to a higher efficiency, lower carbon emission grid.

5)         What surprises you about this sector?
How many new innovative technologies are being deployed to provide a more flexible, customised power generation network.

6)         Why did you decide to partner with Future Energy Uganda?
We have worked with Spintelligent across the African continent and find their events to be leading the sector. When we saw Future Energy was coming to Uganda we were keen to participate in exploring the market further.

7)      What will be Clarke Energy’s main message at the launch event?
Uganda’s domestic reserves of natural gas could be used to provide reliable power for industry and hence economic growth.