African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI)

What does ATI do?

The African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI) is an established player in the African trade and investment insurance industry. The pan African organisation offers tailored risk mitigation and credit enhancement solutions and capacity, which helps to unlock financing for a range of infrastructure and other important projects in its member countries. ATI has maintained an A rating from Standard & Poor’s since 2008, ranking them the highest rated insurer in Africa. 

This standing has helped them to gain credibility and respect from a wide network of international partners, which enables them to facilitate inward investment opportunities into its member countries. It also has a preferred creditor status gives reinsurers, banks, investors and other corporates comfort making them more willing to participate in transactions in its member states.

ATI’s main shareholders are African countries. Other major shareholders include the African Development Bank, and SACE, the Italian government owned ECA (export credit agency). The rationale behind ATI is that it enables African states to pool together their resources to create a capital base, attract a team of underwriting experts and mutualize the risks taken which they would not be able to do on their own. Since ATI’s inception, we have supported trade and investments equivalent to a cumulative amount of 8% of GDP in original member states and now support trade and investments equivalent to 1% of GDP annually in member states.

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Fredrick Mutua
Resident Underwriter - Uganda
DL: +256 312 908 999| M: +256 776 966 900

Ms. Tusekile Kibonde
Resident Underwriter - Tanzania
DL: +255 22 260 1727/2751/2818| M: +255 782 390 531

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